About Filesharefree.com Service

About Filesharefree.com Service

About Filesharefree.com Service

Apr 28, 2023 05:37 AM FileShare Free

Due to the internet's extensive accessibility, online file sharing services have become rather straightforward. Everyone is acquainted with file sharing, whether they work for a company, are freelancers, or just want to share funny dog videos with their friends, family, or coworkers. You no longer need to be physically seated in front of your work computer to view your business data. Thanks to filesharefree.com, you can access them from your home laptop, a mobile device while you're out and about, or a tablet while lounging on the couch. Additionally, the upload and sharing service encrypts your data after it is uploaded, adding an extra layer of security and making your online life safer and more secure.

Therefore, you should give getting a service that enables you to share and upload your data serious consideration if you don't already have one. The sorts of data you want to maintain, the amount of protection you need, whether or not you plan to collaborate with others, and the devices you plan to use to upload and access your files all affect which one you choose to use. It's also feasible that it will depend on your level of computer comfort. Our filesharefree.com service is simple to use and offers more sophisticated options for individuals who are computer savvy.

Why choose us? 

The process of sharing files with Filesharefree is enjoyable and quick. If you share a link with someone, you can send anything to them even if they don't have a Filesharefree account. This include enormous CAD files as well as pictures, videos, and zipped folders. Additionally, you can share links and data from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, unlike with email attachments, users do not have to worry about file size restrictions.

Whether you're exchanging papers, photos, videos, or audio, we can assist you in streamlining your business process. You will have the choice to easily share your files after uploading them by email, links, and any social network. Because so many people use Filesharefree.com on a regular basis to send and receive files with their friends, family, fans, coworkers, and clients, it is primarily one of the go-to tools for casual file storing and sharing. It is one of the most widely used file-sharing services as a result. Simply said, you may upload anything from anywhere on the internet using our service, including movies, Google Docs, spreadsheets, PDFs, and music.

How does Filesharefree.com Work? 

Customers may transmit large files using Filesharefree.com without worrying about email attachment size restrictions. Additionally, it provides users with unlimited space and permits access without requiring an account. The majority of the time, our file-sharing service allows several users to access the same file or files by allowing them to read, view, copy, or print the file.. 

The operating method is really straightforward:

  • You may upload a file online by clicking the upload button. There are no file size limitations with Filesharefree, and you can send numerous files at once.
  • The recipient will be sent a link to the download, which they can click to start the download without requiring a Filesharefree.com account.
  • Your Inbox will show up when you get a file from another Filesharefree.com member. You may choose to directly download it or upload it to your Filesharefree account.

Our Feature

Fast upload 

All users of Filesharefree.com may share files in a flash thanks to our network of server centers located all over the world. The standard upload limit for users and visitors is 15GB per file. Additionally, you can rely on us if you need to download or upload files to share with others.


Unlimited storage 

You will have an unlimited file storage feature, allowing you to save as much data as necessary in a secure manner. Additionally, you can upload files securely, anonymously, quickly, and for free! Uploads of files are accessible eternally so long as they are active. Each extension is permitted. There are no storage or download limitations. 


File expiration time 

You can easily set the time when a file expires through the upload box. 


Sharing option 

A URL will be provided so that you may download your files. Anyone anywhere can access the URL. We will store your files on our server after successfully completing the upload. If you want to download files from our service, you don't have to create an account as well. You can simply download it by clicking the URL. 


Multiple uploads 

It's possible that you'll need to upload more than one file at a given moment. No problem! You will not experience any delays when uploading multiple files simultaneously, and there is no requirement for you to register. The file uploading will proceed much more quickly than in the past, thanks to our lightning-fast servers. 


Ease of use 

As far as using this service goes, it's pretty straightforward. If all goes according to plan, you can simply drag and drop the file into the upload option. As the last step, we create a URL that you can easily share with other users. 


Transfer files as a Guest 

 You do not need to register in order to transfer files straight online is one of the most significant advantages offered by this service. You can share files with whomever you choose without having to sign up for an account initially. 


Manage files 

Sign up right now to receive a free account that gives you access to all the latest features! Manage your files quickly, delete them, and re-share them with your pals all in one place. Downloads should be protected with a password. Files can be deleted automatically, folders may be created, and images and PDFs can be previewed. 


Files encrypted 

Files encryption is another fantastic feature offered by Filesharefree. With the help of this feature, users can transfer files to our server over HTTPS while using TLSv1.3 and SHA256 for end-to-end encryption that will ensure their safety. All traffic to, from, and between our servers, as well as downloads of files from those servers. Moreover, Two-factor authentication is a feature that is available for user accounts. 


Advantages of Our File sharing Service:


Easier to Access the Files

The convenience of having quick access to online sharing files is one of the many advantages. Unfortunately, traditional file storage solutions are typically quite limited, and to work on the files; you might be required to be physically present at the company. However, it is not necessary to be physically present to access the files, nor is it necessary to have a flash drive; instead, it is sufficient to have an Internet connection to obtain the files from any location. 


Take into consideration the advantages that this provides. It signifies that workers do not have to be physically present at work to obtain the required files. Those who currently work from home, of which there are a growing number of people, might find this to be of assistance. This not only means that people from all over the country and the world will have access to the files, but it also means that your options for hiring people will be expanded as a result. It makes no difference where the individual working on the graphic design is located, as long as they contribute to the project in some capacity, whether they are an employee of your company, a marketing agency, or a freelancer. 


No Longer Need to Stress Over Misplaced Files 

Realizing that an important file has been lost or that a portion of the folder has been damaged or corrupted is one of the most painful feelings that can be experienced in the world. However, this risk comes into play when files are shared via email or on a local network. There is a risk of the file being lost if there are no backup copies created and stored after each time it is modified, so it is essential to take these precautions. There is always the possibility that the computer will malfunction or that someone will inadvertently delete or overwrite a file. Errors caused by humans occur more frequently than any of us would like to admit. 

However, our online file sharing service does not have this issue, and there should never be a situation in which an entire file disappears for no apparent reason. After it has been uploaded to the internet, it must remain available at all times and be simple to locate and use. 


Save money and storage space 

When you use a platform that allows for online file sharing, you can expect to see a reduction in costs for various reasons. To begin, your company won't have to worry about purchasing server equipment and keeping it on the property. Instead, it will have access to the equipment through the cloud. The costs associated with purchasing the servers, running them, and maintaining them may be quite high. Our online file sharing service ensures you will not have to worry about these costs. 

However, there are additional ways in which it can assist you in reducing your expenses. It is now much simpler to access the necessary files, and you are free to carry out your work from any location. When you are utilizing a service such as filesharefree.com, it is much simpler to track down the files and gain access to them. This helps you to save time, which typically translates into monetary savings for businesses of all sizes. 

When you opt for file storage and sharing rather than keeping everything on your own, you will save money and space. It won't be necessary for your business to have a separate room devoted to server storage. This space might be used for something else, or it might mean that you can scale back the size of your building. You also won't require an increase in the size of your information technology staff in order to manage the servers. 


Give Assurance of Security 

Businesses have always found it difficult to maintain proper security measures, and this is still the case today. However, the number of security flaws that exist in businesses can be significantly reduced by the ability to share files online. Additionally, since all of your company's files are kept in one place, there is a significantly lower chance that negligent employees will accidentally reveal sensitive information to non-authorized parties.


Not every online platform for file sharing and storage offers the same level of security. In recent years, several cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, have been the target of cyberattacks. Because of this, you must use a trustworthy website like Filesharefree.com. On the other hand, we completely appreciate the value of security here at Filesharefree.com, which is why we provide complete file protection. In order to do this, you need encrypt your data both before storing them and after transferring them.

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